The P-Rod Double

Soon to be available through Stalwart Arms.

The P-Rod Double kit is an easy to install second air tube for your Benjamin Marauder pistol, and also for the Crosman 1720T target pistol and Crosman 1701 Silhouette pistol. With more than double the air volume, you get twice the number of shots. If you have modified your P-Rod to get more power and have sacrificed shot count, the P-Rod Double kit will help restore the shot count. Prior experience with assembly and dis-assembly of the Marauder pistol will make installation of this kit go more smoothly. Familiarize yourself with the installation instructions before attempting installation.

The kit is $195 plus $15 S&H, and includes:

  • tube (standard chrome moly steel or upgraded 2024T3 high-strength aluminum)
  • both end plugs
  • stainless steel transfer tube
  • your choice of standard or upgraded barrel bands
  • black powder-coated finish on tube and barrel band
  • all hardware and O-rings, including spares

The recommended optional foregrips (black painted, laminate, and walnut) are available in the $55-$85 range.

The major components of the kit are shown in this photo, including the standard floating barrel band. As shown in the next photo, the standard floating band is very similar to the stock band in that it allows the shroud to float. The clamping band, at a small additional cost, clamps all three tubes (the barrel shroud, the main tube, and the new tube) together to lock them into rigid alignment. The clamping band with sight blade again locks all three tubes together, plus it includes an integral front sight blade. If you enjoy shooting with open sights, this will complement your favorite rear sight. The clamping band with Picatinny rail allows for use of accessories such as a bipod or light. Upon request, modifications can be made to any of the clamping bands for use with a TKO brake.

The standard floating barrel band is installed on this P-Rod, along with the optional black fore grip.

Installed on this gun is the barrel band with the integral front sight blade. It can be used with a rear sight, which is not included in the kit. It locks all three tubes together as a solid unit.

The optional fore grips are made by for a custom fit onto the two air tubes. The original plastic fore grip will not fit the new, larger diameter air tube.

For very little increase in weight, the air capacity of the P-Rod is doubled. The aluminum tube kit weighs only 7 ounces and adds 69 ccs on top of the stock 66 ccs. The chrome moly tube adds 11 ounces of weight and 75 ccs. Installing the P-Rod Double Tube Kit gives the Marauder Pistol the same air capacity as the Benjamin Discovery rifle.

If you have boosted the power in your P-Rod and lost shot count, the P-Rod Double Tube Kit can help bring that shot count back.

This is a typical example of how the P-Rod Double Tube Kit will double the number of usable shots per fill in a stock Benjamin Marauder pistol.

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